#41 White Water Rafting

Just to clear things up, I do not complete my list in the order it was written down. Yes, that is very difficult for my personality, but I take things as they become available. Some items take longer than others, and I refuse to put something off if the opportunity is right in front of me.
In 2015 -again for my birthday- my husband and I went white water rafting. At some point in our marriage we decided to give experiences rather than gifts in celebration. So, we drove to the U.S. White Water Center in Charlotte, NC. It was a misty rain kind of day and slightly chilly. We checked in, geared up, and ran to our safety demonstration.

We got there about 30min before our scheduled time. When I say we got there, I mean we got to the welcome sign. We had maybe a mile or 2 to drive before reaching the parking lot. From the parking lot, we had a 5min walk to check in. Before we got out of the car, though, we debated if we were wanted to bring our phones with us. It seems like an easy choice, but our kids didn’t come with us on this trip. I dislike anything that would get in the way of contact with them, so I chose to bring mine. Once we checked in, it turned out they provide lockers for our personal items. They also gave us waterproof coats (an extra fee but not much) that my husband still uses to this day for work. I purchased a waterproof and floating phone case for my phone on Amazon the week before that worked like a charm. The best decision is probably to leave it in a locker, but you may want pictures and for me it was my only connection to my kids.

So once we went through that process we were just barely in time for the safety presentation for our group, but we made it! This is when my nerves started to kick in. Am I really doing this? I saw a kid around the age of 11 or 12 and tried to convince myself if he could do it, I could do it. As it turned out, he was in our raft!

The U.S. whitewater center is so professional and safe I really had nothing to worry about, but I didnt know until I tried. We had a blast! We still plan to go back one day with the kids when they are old enough. White water rafting was such a fun experience and one I will never forget. Our poor planning and my nerves were quickly overshadowed by the excitement and fun of this list item. Not only did I soak up every moment of that trip, it was also extremely satisfying coming home to check it off my lifetime list. I really can just up and DO things I want to do. Everytime I check something off that realization hits me.

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