#42 Go camping with the kids

Here is an example of a list item I continued to put off because of self-made obstacles. I have the best memories of camping with my family growing up. I knew I wanted to give my kids similar experiences, so it was one of the first 50 items on my list. However, my husband was less than enthusiastic about spending time in the woods at night. I consider myself semi-adventurous, but I wasn’t going to take babies into the woods alone. That’s a different level of ‘adventure’.

So, in order to convince my husband(let’s call him TB) to come with us I figured I needed to make the trip as smooth and stress free as possible. I decided to wait until the kids were old enough to walk/run away from bears. Each time one kid grew old enough, we had another and started the process over.

Then, last year, the stars aligned……kind of. Our youngest was just over a year old. The power plant my husband had been working at closed down. So now he had TIME and self-sufficient (enough) kids. No more excuses. We were broke, but I wasn’t going to put this off anymore. We borrowed a tent from some good friends and some sleeping bags from my mom. We bundled the kids up, and packed all my favorite camping snacks.

We planned to meet some friends (more experienced campers) in Georgia. The night before the trip they had a family emergency and had to call it off. I was bummed. But, now I figured my husband would be happy not to drive so far. I started researching camping grounds closer to our house. By the time my husband came home he had decided we should just camp in the backyard. We were all technically first timers, we didnt have our trusty camping savvy friends, and we could still make it fun.

We set up the tent and made a fire pit in the backyard. I really wanted to make it as authentic as possible. I bought some glow up balloons and pokers for cooking over the fire. We made s’mores, told scary stories, and cooked dinner over the fire. The whole 9 yards. We went to sleep in the tent, but halfway through the night TB got cold and had us all finish the night inside.

It was a really fun experience, but I felt like we ‘cheated’ too much. So, the next weekend, I booked a cabin in Asheville with my mom. We took the kids up in the mountains, went hiking, had a fire, and hopefully filled them up with wonderful camping memories.

Two camping experiences within a week. I felt we finally could officially cross this off the list. Hopefully the kids enjoyed it enough to want to go again, but I’m just so happy to have taken them at least once in their childhoods.

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