#31 Go to a Shooting Range

I was hesitant to share this one. Judgement comes two-fold on this topic. There are the people who question why I would want to be near a gun, and the people who question why I went through more than 2 decades of my life without touching one. BUT it’s MY lifetime list and I’m out to try everything that has crossed my mind to try.

I grew up in a hunting household, but I am a vegetarian so it never really caught my interest. Now that I am older, the shooting ranges near me have ladies’ nights with discounts that caught my eye. My husband took my mom one day while I was at work. I suppose a combination of intrigue and jealousy got me to add this to the list.

I try to cross off 10 things a year, but have yet to actually reach that goal. We have a shooting range near our house and a babysitter at the ready so I saw no reason not to shoot for this one last year. (Pun intended) TB took me out on a date night and we set out to cross off my first item of 2017. I’ll be honest. I was beyond nervous. They let me pick out a gun, put me in safety gear, gave me a few tips and let me go. I was sure I was going to do something wrong and do some serious damage. But, for me that’s all the more reason to try it. I wanted to overcome my fear and learn how to handle this thing. TB showed me how to load it, then had me try. I had heard of recoil and was sure I would end up hitting myself in the face.

I’m glad I took it seriously and I had every reason to be nervous, but it wasn’t nearly as scary as I imagined. I thought I did pretty good. Then it was TB’s turn, and he adjusted the target much farther back. Now I knew why I was such a good shot! But seriously, I had fun and I began learning a new skill. It was worth the experience and I’m happy I did it.

Sidenote: the shooting range provided us with all the safety gear we needed, but I will reccommend some top picks on my Adventure Enhancers page for anyone who may need it.

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