#38 Ride in a Horse Drawn Carriage

We can blame this one on the movies. It seems magical and romantic to ride in a horse drawn carriage. Something to make you feel like royalty. TB felt differently. He did not want to sit in the cold behind a horse with everyone staring at us. Understandable.

However, the opportunity soon came, and I didn’t want to pass it up. My memory is a little fuzzy. This has to have been one of the first things I checked off my list, so long ago I can’t even find the adorable pictures. But, worth a mention all the same. They were doing carriage rides near us for the holidays. I did not want to bring someone with me who didn’t want to go, but I also didn’t want to go alone. So, I enlisted my son to go with me. Luckily, he was just as excited about it as I was. We seemed to be the only ones, because there was no one else in line when we got there. We met our horse and hopped in. They had stacks of blankets for us to choose from for our ride, which we happily took. We cuddled up and went to our ride.

Obviously with my son it was less romantic, but it was still magical. It was a beautiful night and we passed by twinkling lights and rows of shops. It was a little awkward when people stopped and stared, but we focused on enjoying ourselves. It likely lasted only about 5 minutes, but it was enough to satisfy my curiosity. Afterwards we went to a nearby bookstore and grabbed some hot cocoa and read books in the warmth. The perfect night. And I was able to share the experience with someone I loved, there is nothing better than that.

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