#91 Serve on a Litter Clean up Crew

I understand some of these come across as mundane and boring, but to me they are honestly thrilling. Also, the seemingly mundane list item is easiest to reach, which is why they happen first.

Whenever I drive on the highway I see groups of inmates picking up trash on the side of the road and think ‘gosh I really want to do that one day.’ But, I honestly didnt know how to get on a crew without BECOMING an inmate, which incidentally is not on my list at all. Then earlier this year, as if by miracle, I came across a post by Keep The Midlands Beautiful on Facebook looking for volunteers. I immediately signed up with no forethought.

The date they had set up was a Saturday and TB works Saturdays so I had nowhere to leave the kids. I would have taken them but they explicitly asked for no one under 18 because of the location of the road we would be cleaning and safety concerns.

My plan B child care, my mom, would also be out of town that weekend. So, I uncharacteristically asked TB to take the day off. I hate to ask him to take time off because he truly loves to work and takes his job very seriously so I feel guilty. However, this was really THAT important to me and I didnt know when I would have another chance.

TB graciously agreed to take the time off because he is AMAZING and will pretty much do anything that will make me happy. So, I made it that Saturday morning. Ironically, they asked me if I had community service papers for them to sign. Then they set me up with the gear I would need and sent me on my way. Everyone else in the group had done it before and shot out in different directions. I asked a nice father-daughter team if they would let a rookie stick with them and off we went. Within two hours we had cleared the trash from the entire roadside. It was such fulfilling work! At the end they even gave me a t-shirt.

My kids were honestly a little bummed they didnt get to join so we drove back by the show them all the bags we were able to fill up with litter. I’m already looking forward to my next experience.

As a note: I just want to share that I do hate that this comes across as a humble brag, but I promised to share my journey completing my lifetime list and this truly was on it.

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