#47 Get Passports for the Whole Family

When I wrote this list our ‘whole family’ was 3 people. Since then it has grown to 5! This is one of those things you write on a list just to check off and feel accomplished. Like daily I write “take a shower” on a list and daily I can feel good about achieving it. However, this one took 6 years and 2 more kids to achieve. I promise I shower more often than that!

When I first wrote this on my list I printed out all the paperwork and filled it out, but that is as far as I got. I (correctly) assumed TB would never get the time off to go with me to turn in the applications.

But this year we made a deal to make it happen. The applications only sat in the office 3 weeks this time until we were both able to show up at the post office and send them in.

And they just came in the mail TODAY. I am so excited! I feel like the world is ours! We can go anywhere we want whenever we want (and TB’s job allows). I feel so free. I feel ready to explore everything this beautiful work has to offer.

Finishing this list item also allows me begin checking off others such as visiting Australia, Indonesia, Canada, and many more places on my radar. We are now a family of world travelers -almost.

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