#79 Take Kids Hiking at Garden of the Gods

I spent about 8 years living in Colorado Springs, although not consecutively. That is where TB and I met, where our first son was born, and that’s where I went to elementary school.

When I was a child, whenever someone would visit us from out of town, my mom would take them to Garden of the Gods. It is a beautiful park and a popular tourist destination. We took many trips there to hike, explore, and just take in the scenery. After our son was born, I made TB go hiking with me there as well. I was trying to work off some baby weight, and he had never been before. For me Garden of the Gods is a Colorado Must-See.

We left Colorado right after our son’s first birthday. I always planned on bringing him back to see our old house and experience some of the fun I remember. He is very proud to be from a different state than many of the people he knows.

This Christmas, TB got an entire week off of work. A Christmas miracle. Some of our family had recently moved back to CO so we decided to make the trip. TB is not a big fan of flying, so we needed ample time to roadtrip out there.

We planned to spend the majority of the time with family and friends, but I wanted to sneak in a few list items while we were there. I wanted to take the kids to the top of Pikes Peak, another fun adventure, but the tram was closed for repairs. Our oldest wanted to visit the Denver Mint, but they were closed for the holidays. The one thing we were able to make happen was hiking at Garden of the Gods.

Not only did we find a parking spot(no easy feat), but the weather was gorgeous for a December day. The kids enjoyed the adventure and the sights. I enjoyed sharing my childhood experiences with them. It was the perfect way to spend the day before loading back into the car for 22 hours. The entire trip was perfection.

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