#30 Go to Barre at Least Once a Week

This is a stop on my journey to learn the lesson that adapting to succeed is not failure. My original #30 was Go Jogging at Least Once a Week, and I did! I started a habit. When I ran into issues such as time and unfit shoes I found solutions. It took me about 2 months of getting up at 6 on Sundays and running around my neighborhood to finally admit that I hated jogging. It’s not for me.

The idea sounded great when I wrote it down on paper. All the cool kids were doing it. You see it on TV shows and around your own neighborhood, but no matter what music I listened to, friends I ran with, or shoes I wore I just could not make myself like it.

It did feel like a failure. This was a list item. I should power through, but isn’t the point of my list to live my life to the fullest? The point is not to punish myself into becoming something I’m not. So I had to step back and reevaluate. Why did I want to jog once a week? Why was it on my list? Because I see other people doing it? Partially. Because I want to develop healthy habits? Yes. So I fed off that. I needed something else that I could do to feel good about myself that would actually FEEL GOOD.

The next week I just happened to win a contest at my kid’s gymnastic class. Side note: the contest was who could show up first to an event. Something I could never lose even if I tried. I’m a serial early bird. One of the prizes was 3 free classes at Barre 3. I asked around about barre classes. The only feedback I got was that it was extremely difficult and that it was a class for your booty, so I wasn’t super hyped.

However, I was not about to pass up on free stuff, so I was going to suffer through at least 3 classes. Bonus: they also had childcare so I had no excuse. After the first class I was like a zombie. I wasn’t even sure I could walk to my car. I told TB I was never going to eat anything unhealthy again so I wouldn’t have to work out ever.

By the third class I was hooked. This was my jam. It was exhilarating and a workout I actually looked forward to. So it soon replaced my old jogging goals. I dedicated myself to Barre 3 at least once a week for almost a year. I then had a high risk pregnancy and took a year off. Once my daughter was born, though, I was itching to go back. I went another year and the power plant my husband worked at was shut down. No room for any extra expenses. I took my free birthday class, and went to any free events they had, but I couldn’t keep up the habit.

The problem with my list item here is that I didn’t set any parameters. Once a week for a year? Once a week the rest of my life? Once a week until I look like an Instagram model? Ha! I decided I was proud of my dedication. I made a commitment to myself and my body and I showed myself what HEALTHY hard work and perserverance looks like. Once I made that realization I felt comfortable crossing this one off the list. I still pop in here and there, but I push myself most in my home workouts now. This year I want to try out different classes just so see what else I can click with. I’ve got my sights on boxing-also on my list. Stay tuned.

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